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The Gang
South Jersey Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation


Top Of the Line
(AKA Skippie)

Top Of The Line
PMU Foal straight from Canada

Midnight Escape (SB)

Midnight Escape (sb)
Midnight Escape came from an killer who had plans on taking him to New Holland as a slaughter horse

Shantel Diana

Shantel Diana
A water bottle; Actual size=180 pixels wide
Brood Mare no longer needed

Mr. Tardys Zipper

Ridden into the ground

Jac B. Nimble
Out of low end auction

Charcole Nicole
She is 8 years old and came from a farm that really didn't understand the needs of a horse, her feet hadn't been done in months (approx. 8 months), teeth hadn't been floated in 6 years and she had a real trust problem.
We've over come most of her trust issues, worked on lunging and little work undersaddle. She is a very athletic horse and is willing to learn.
Nicky is availible for Adoption.

Top Of The Line (AKA Skippie)
Skippie was on a truck with approx. 100 other foals that was traveling down the east coast to Atlanta for transfer to a Mid-West feed lot. We negociated with the driver a pulled Skippie and 6 other foals. The foals ranged in age from 4 to 6 months. When this picture was taken, Skippie was 7 months old.
Skippie is currently registered for the Devon horse curcuit as growing and training. Wish him luck.

Midnight Escape came from an auctioneer who had plan on taking him to New Holland as a slaughter horse only. We saw his potential and decided to negotiate with the auctioneer. The comment was made that "He is worth more with his head chopped off than we are offering." The auctioneer decided to sell him to us. We had him vet checked, he was about 175 lbs under weight, recovering from stangles and appeared to 100% sound.

Since he has been here, we've work on ground manners and he has turned out to be a real gentleman. He has put on about 150 lbs and has recovered completely from strangles. Last night we worked him and he has the most beautiful, smoothest canter and is a great mover.

Shantel Diana

We got a call from Mylestone reference Shantel, she had been a brood mare for 20 years producing babies that brought her owner alot of money. He had paid $2000 for stud fees and she did not take so it was time to put her down.

Shantel is 29 years old with the mind of a 5 year old. Great attitude, gets along well with the other guys and love children.
Shantel is availible for adoption as a Companion pony only.

Mr. Tardy Zipper
Zippie came from a farm that used him as a cutting horse, this constant movement cause to to suffer from High Ring bone. He walks with a distinct head bob, however is in no pain. His has a great temerment, and a great baby sitter.
Zippie is availible for adoption as a Companion horse only.

Jac B. Numble
Jac (AKA Pig Man) came from a low end auction because the original owner no longer wanted him. When we got him, he had issues, severe rain rot, sand cracks, 150 lbs under weight and poor table manners.
Since that time, Jac has competed in the New Jersey competitive Trail Ride. Out of a starting season of 250 horses, the day of the ride the feild was norrowd down to 53 horses. Jac finished the ride in 5th place. He has also competed at the state level in English Eq., Dressage and trails.