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South Jersey Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation

Welcome to South Jersey Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation!

We are currently in the process of up-dating our site, please keep checking back. Please, while we are building our site, visit the bottom of the page and click on the link and give. Last up-dated 22-September-2003 to reflect WEST NILE VIRUS, please see both pages for your states information.
South Jersey Equine rescue has been identified and incorporated as a New Jersey Non-Profit organization effective 28-March-2003
We can be reached at:  sjequine@horsemail.com

My 4-H Story

This year there has been much controversy over our rescue horses we had taken to a few 4-H shows. This exposure should have done the public as well as these horses some good. But people have not taken well to this. These people have not come to the reality that we are saving these animals lives and not harming them. The horses that would have gone to slaughter or died in their other surroundings now have a second chance at live, and I and many others think this is one of the most wonderful and caring acts anyone could do, but we have met much resistance from some people involved in 4-H itself.

As I end my story, I leave with a question, "When will people accept what we are doing and welcome these saved horses with open arms?"

The above story was taken from my 16 year old daughters 4-H project book. The story evolved when we took a 32 year old rescue to the county fair and we were asked to remove him because he didn't represent the best.

When he came to us, he weighed 815 lbs (he stands 16.1 hh), bad teeth, hoofs and had severe heeves. When we took him to the fair, his weight was 950 lbs (2 1/2 months after he came to us), teeth had been floated and was under vet care for his heeves.

We can be reached at :


PMU Foals

StarFish Tale

As an old man walked the beach at dawn, he noticed a young woman ahead of him picking up starfish and flinging them back to the sea.

Finally catching up with the woman, the man asked her why she was doing this. She answered that the stranded starfish would surely die if left until the noonday sun.

"But the beach goes for miles and there are millions of starfish" countered the man. "How can your effort make any difference?"

The young woman looked at the starfish in her hand, then threw it to safety behind an approaching wave. "It MADE a difference to that one," she said.

You Can Make A Difference

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